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Hello and welcome to Kidsscooters.org.uk! We have collected some of the best priced scooters from some of the UKs leading toy retailers in the UK. Choose from razor scooters, folding scooters, inline scooters, trikes and quads!

Scooters are a great way for children to get exercise, whilst having lots of fun!

There are loads of different styles of kids scooters available for boys and girls off all ages. Recently kids scooters have been increased in popularity as they are very reasonably priced, easy to store, well designed and very hard wearing.

Scooters are suitable for all ages from toddlers to adults, but when purchasing a scooter you must take a few things into consideration. Click here to read some considerations we have put together to help you choose the perfect scooter for your child.

Here at Kids scooters we have now added some fantastic kids scooters available from Toys R us and The ELC. Both online stores have some fantastic deals on kids scooters! We have added their product ranges to our website, to give you more of a choice when choosing a scooter for your child. Toys R us in particular have lots of kids scooters available on their website and in store.

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Razor Spark Kick Scooter

Here at kids scooters we thought we would share with you some new scooters on the market you may or may not have seen.
The Razor Spark Scooter has a “spark bar” found at the rear of kids scooter which contains a flint cartridge to spark up when pressure is placed on the bar. It requires the same action to spark as you would to brake on a normal kids scooters. We were quite impressed by just how affective the spark bar is.

This scooter is brought to by Razor which boast some of the best kids scooters available on the market. The spark bar at the rear comes with replacement cartridges so that once you are all sparked out the fun can continue. The spark bar on the razor spark scooter will last up to1.5 hours of continuous use. For the best effect and to get the best results riding this kids scooter ride it at dusk. Your child will put the ghost rider to same zipping up and down lighting up the road on this great kids scooter.

A fantastic yet simple add on to a kid scooter to make riding a scooter even more fun, and with a great name Razor behind it you know it will last.

To find out more about spark kids scooters please click on the more information button

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Razor E100

Another fantastic kids scooter available from Razor is an electric scooter called the E100
A lot of electric kids scooters are only suitable for children aged eight years old and up. The razor e100 can get up to speeds of up to 10mph which generates quite a thrill, as it is not much bigger than a regular kids scooter.

Not only is this E100 great fun its also kind to the environment, as its electric it is also very quite so your children wont terrorise your neighbours zipping up and down your street on their electric kids scooter.
We have outlined some of the key features of these great electric kids scooters below:
* Reach speeds of up to 10mph
* On a single charge it will last 40 minutes with continues use. Charge time is 12 hours
* It is driven via a chain motor which is very quite.
* Twist acceleration, similar to that of moped
* Comes in colours Red, Pink
* Assembly tools included
* Scooter weight is 29lbs
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This great new kids scooter needs the movement of your child to enable the scooter to be move.
It is also a great form of exercise, as it does take a little bit of effort to get it moving using your legs and thighs. What beater way to get your child out in the fresh air and having great fun at the same time.

These particular models of kids scooters have two foot plates found at the rear of the scooter which move in and out to create the movement to propel the scooter around. A very eco way of getting around, and it can pick up some decent speed to!
For more information on these types of kids scooters please click on the more information button.

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Zooom Glide Bikes

You may or may not have seen the beginner bikes available from a company called Adventure. In short they are a bike with no pedals enabling your child to get to grips riding a bike, finding his or her balance point and not having to worry about pedalling.

Some people might say “what is the point? You might as well buy a kids scooter then when then child is ready buy them a proper bike” True. But these types of bikes will teach your child a great deal about balance and control and will enable them, once they are old enough to learn to ride a bike a lot quicker! Read more

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